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Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology


Program Description:

The Industrial-Organizational Psychology graduate degree program emphasizes the application of psychological science to enhance the performance and well-being of people in organizations. This program will prepare you to develop assessments of people for selection and placement into jobs, effective training programs, strategies for organizational development, measurement of performance, and ways to promote quality of work-life. Students receive a strong core foundation in industrial and organizational psychology as well as statistics and research methods. Students may select a thesis option (a good choice for students seeking a research-intensive career) or a non-thesis path in one of two graduate certificate tracks:

The degree program requires 40 credit hours of coursework and is available both on-campus and online. Please check the Schedule of Classes for a current list of available courses for distance students.

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Application Deadlines

Applicants should expect to start the program in the fall; however, exceptions may be made for special circumstances where a student may start in a spring semester. We have both an early decision and standard decision process. Please refer to the timeline below for details. 

  • Early decisions will be made within two weeks of applying for applicants who have an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or greater, undergraduate psychology GPA of 3.5 or greater, a total GRE score (if applicable) of 300 or greater, and who have completed courses in research methods, statistics and have research experience. A major in psychology is preferred, but related majors are welcome to apply. 

    If you are admitted into the program, you must accept by March 1, or within four weeks of notification.

  • Standard decisions will be made by  April 15 or within two weeks from the date the application is received. Standard decisions are for those applicants with an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or greater, an undergraduate psychology GPA of 3.25 or greater,  a total GRE score (if applicable) of 300 or greater, and who have completed courses in research methods and statistics, but have no research experience. Majors in psychology and related fields are encouraged to apply. 


Core Content Courses   |   (Thesis & Non-Thesis) 24 HOURS

Psych 5020    Introduction to I-O Psychology (3 credits)
Psych 5601    Small Group Dynamics  (3 credits)
Psych 5602    Organizational Development  (3 credits)
Psych 5700    Job Analysis and Performance Management   (3 credits)
Psych 6602    Employee Affect and Behavior  (3 credits)
Psych 6610    Advanced Leadership Theory and Practice  (3 credits)
Psych 6700    Training and Development  (3 credits)
Psych 6702    Personnel Selection (3 credits)

Methods Courses   |  (Thesis & Non-Thesis) 10 HOURS

Psych 5202     Applied Psychological Data Analysis (3 credits) 
Psych 5210     Advanced Research Methods (3 credits)
Psych 5201     Psychometrics (3 credits)
Psych 5012     Ethics and Professional Responsibilities (1 credits)

Non-Thesis Electives Courses   |   ( Non-Thesis) 6 HOURS

Psych 5400   Advanced Cognition (3 credits)
Psych 5600   Advanced Social Psychology (3 credits)
Psych 5710   Advanced Human Factors (3 credits)
Psych 5740   Occupational Health and Safety (3 credits)


Thesis Option   |  (Thesis) 6 HOURS

Psych 6099   Research (Thesis credit)  (6 credits)

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  • Bachelor's degree with overall GPA  of 3.5 or greater (for early decision) or overall GPA  of 3.0  or greater (for standard decision) on a 4.0 scale
  • GRE total score (if applicable) of 300 or greater
  • International students must submit one of the following: TOEFL Score ≥ 79 iBT; IELTS ≥ 6.5
  • Previous coursework should include: Statistics or Data Analysis as well as Research Methods. Students not meeting these requirements may still be considered for admission.
  • Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for an admit decision. Missouri S&T will require official transcripts from all schools attended before a student may register for a second semester at S&T. In order for a transcript to be counted as official, it must be sent directly from the school to S&T.
  • This program requires a statement of purpose (2-3 paragraphs explaining career goals and interest in program); resume; and three letters of recommendation. You will be asked to upload or provide this information during the online application process.

Click here for more admission information.


Graduate certificate programs are a great way to start earning college credit toward a graduate degree. The GRE is not required to be admitted to a graduate certificate program and credit earned can be counted toward the master’s degree. Graduate certificate programs require 12 credit hours (4 courses) to complete. You must earn a B or better in the certificate courses to continue on for your master’s degree without needing to submit GRE scores. * Please keep in mind that starting with a certificate does not waive any prerequisite requirements. 

I-O Psychology Graduate Certificates

*Completion of a graduate certificate program does not automatically guarantee admission into a corresponding graduate degree program. To continue in a master’s degree program, you must apply.

Click here for details and check with academic department for program specific details and requirements.


Courses are delivered over the Internet, via live streaming video; collaborative learning software includes Zoom and Canvas; classes are archived online for review and easy access.

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