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Course Registration (For New Distance Students)

The process described below is for NEW distance students. If you previously attended S&T as a main campus student you will need to follow this process (as you are considered a new distance student). 

Distance students who have recently applied to S&T (but have not been accepted yet) are still asked to complete these steps, as it can expedite the process once an admission decision has been made.

Students who have previously been enrolled as a distance student should be able to register themselves in Joe'SS.

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Complete First Time Registration Form‌ indicating which class(es) you wish to enroll. The Distance Schedule of Classes is posted here.

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Sign and date the Statement of Financial Responsibility Form.

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Does your employer offer tuition assistance? You may want to check out our Deferred Tuition Program (does NOT apply to Boeing employees).

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Email the documents to for processing. Not able to email? You may also fax them to: 573-202-2396.

What should you expect? When documents are received and admission status approved, actual registration into requested class(es) will proceed. Once registered, you will receive an automated notification of enrollment with information and directions to establish your campus computing. It is important that these accounts be established since this is the “official system” used to notify or transmit information to students concerning dates, deadlines, grades, etc. 


Returning Distance Students

Distance students may submit future enrollment/registrations online through Joe'SS. When registration is completed, appropriate billing is processed through the Missouri S&T Cashiers Office on their regular billing schedules.

Enrollment Holds:
Your ability to enroll in classes may change for a variety of reasons. If this occurs, a flag will be placed on your student account and you cannot register for classes until steps are taken to remove it. Typical examples for enrollment holds are:

  • Intermittent enrollment – if a distance student has not been enrolled for three or more consecutive semesters, you must complete a Former Graduate Student Refresh Registration Eligibility Form to update your student records.
  • Advising hold Students must have an advising session each semester before hold will be lifted.



booksOnce you're registered for classes you should check the S&T's Bookstore for required books and materials. The Bookstore's Website allows for quick price comparison of their prices as well as external retailers to make sure you're getting the best deal possible!


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