Tuition Schedule for Boeing Students

Tuition is reflected per credit hour for the 2017-2018 school year (effective with summer 2017 session).

Boeing LTP Strategic Fields of Study Tuition Per Credit Hour
Aerospace Engineering $1,200
Business Administration (MBA) 


Computer Engineering $1,200
Computer Science
(software engineering emphasis)
Electrical Engineering $1,200
Engineering Management
(industrial engineering emphasis)
Environmental Engineering $1,200
Information Science and Technology $1,200
Manufacturing Engineering $1,200
Mechanical Engineering $1,200
Systems Engineering
(7% Discount)


Other Programs Tuition Per Credit Hour
Civil Engineering $1,200
Geotechnics $1,200
Math & Statistics (certificate only) $1,200
Mining Engineering $1,200
Industrial-Organizational Psychology $1,200

Tuition typically increases with the summer semester and will stay constant through fall and spring.