Distance Locations

Missouri S&T's distance education programs are delivered at the following locations:

Missouri S&T Main Campus     Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis     On Location Short Courses

Missouri S&T Main Campus

The degree and certificate programs offered through distance education are the same as those taught for on-campus students, ensuring the academic quality of our programs. The classes are delivered from the Missouri S&T campus through the Internet, via live streaming video. Courses are then archived for review and access. This allows you to access your classes anytime, anywhere. Some programs provide courses on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Each are built from tested courses in the Missouri S&T curriculum and are taught by our world-class faculty.

Missouri S&T currently offers graduate degree programs, graduate certificate programs, and professional development programs through our distance education program. Whether you want to complete your degree or get ready for that big promotion, Missouri S&T programs can help get you there. 

Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis (formerly Engineering Education Center in St. Louis)

If you're an engineer or scientist in the greater St. Louis area and you're interested in continuing your graduate studies, then check out Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis. The following programs have courses that are being offered through live evening courses.

Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Management
Information Science and Technology
Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Graduate certificate programs are also available in most areas listed above. In addition, graduate certificate programs are available in computer science and engineering mechanics. Upon successful completion, these programs may lead to admission to a master’s of science degree program.

On Location Short Courses

Missouri S&T sometimes offers short courses in other locations worldwide. These courses may also be hosted within an organization. If your organization is interested in scheduling a short course in your area, please email pce@mst.edu for more information.