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Transcripts and Grades FAQs

To request an official copy of your transcript you may submit a request with a form by mail, fax, or in person at the Office of the Registrar. Visit the Registrar's website for more information regarding official transcript requests. You may request an unofficial transcript through Joe’SS, here's a step-by-step tutorial.

No. Transcripts and diplomas for students taking distance learning courses are identical to those of on-campus students; no differentiation is made between distance and on-campus instruction. In addition, no indication of the delivery method of the course is made on the transcript or the diploma.

No. Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for an admit decision. S&T will require official transcripts from all schools attended before you can register for your second semester. Official transcripts should be mailed to the Global Learning Office:

Missouri University of Science & Technology
Office of Global Learning
300 W. 12th St.
216 Centennial Hall
Rolla, MO 65409

In general for an admission decision S&T only needs transcripts from schools you earned degrees from. If you have relevant coursework from other schools we strongly recommend including these as well. S&T will require official transcripts from all schools attended before you can register for your second semester.

In order for a transcript to be counted as official it needs to be sent directly from the home school to S&T. The transcript needs to be marked as official.
The transcript cannot be from a student. Even if the transcript is in a sealed envelope from the university, if it is sent by anyone except from the school it is considered unofficial.

No, your records should be on file.

Unless you attended an additional school since your time at S&T (or UMR), in which case regular transcript rules apply.

You can also run your unofficial transcript to upload into your Slate application.  In Joe'SS go to Self Service > Academic Records > Request Unofficial Transcript.  This is at no cost to you.

Please contact our office. We’ll have to talk to you about your individual situation. Other accommodations and solutions are available for these extreme circumstances.

If you enrolled at S&T (or UMR) they should be on file. We're always happy to pull up your record and see which school(s) we have official transcripts from. 

Transferring Credits FAQ

Graduate students may transfer up to 9 graduate credit hours towards their S&T degree program. Credit must have been earned as graduate credit and a B (3.0) or better grade needs to have been earned. All transfer credit is subject to the approval of their department, advisor, and the Vice Provost of Graduate Studies. We recommend that you speak with the department advisor to determine if coursework will transfer. 

Yes, you can apply to be admitted as non-degree-seeking graduate student and take individual courses without being admitted to a formal degree program at S&T. If you plan to transfer your coursework to your university, you must request an official transcript from S&T be sent directly to your school.


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