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Technology FAQ

It varies by course, but most are produced by EdTech Media. Most of our courses are taught live in front of a main campus class in a distance classroom. Our distance classrooms are equipped with green screen, numerous microphones, video cameras, monitors, and speakers. Behind these classrooms is a sound-proof control room where a technician operates the switchboard, cameras, microphones, etc. during the class.
Most courses are streamed live through Zoom and are archived for later viewing. Most professors do not require live participation of distance students, although they do welcome it! Distance students can participate live through a microphone on their computer or phone, which is then piped into the classroom through speakers (please remember to mute your microphone when not asking questions as a courtesy to your classmates!) Distance students also have the option to interact through a chat window (typing) as well. Every faculty member handles their course format differently, so keep in mind some aspects of each class may vary.

Whether you use a Windows-based PC or a Mac to take your distance education courses (check the system requirements), S&T’s EdTech Media hosts a live stream/Zoom testing week, beginning the week prior to the start of each semester.

After you've been admitted and registered, you will access your course through Canvas. You will be able to access your course, (live or archived) through MediaSpace. Each faculty member handles their course format differently, so keep in mind some things may vary.

Each professor handles his or her courses independently.  Some professors require a proctor; some will send you the exam with instructions and others will have projects instead of exams.

Many of our distance classes require team projects. Distance students will most likely be divided into groups with main campus and other distance students. While it is typically up to the group how they handle communication, distance students do have the option to request a Zoom for their group through EdTech Media by emailing vcchelp@mst.edu (main campus group member students may participate in Zoom, but a distance student needs to make the request).
Canvas is also a handy tool for group projects. Students (main campus or distance) can create groups through their course where they are able to send out emails to all group members, share files, etc.

Getting Started FAQ

First you need to be accepted to the University. (Additional information about the Admissions Process). Once you have been accepted you will then submit First Time Registration Materials to the Office of Global Learning. (First Time Registration Process for New Distance Students.)

Yes, most of our certificate and degree programs have dedicated faculty advisors and program coordinators ready to help you get started.  Contact the program coordinator or advisor listed on each degree page on our website for assistance. 

You can go online to our schedule of classes and view the courses that are being offered. Looking at past courses will help you get a sense of what courses are offered each semester. (Schedule of Classes).

S&T is a semester-based school: fall, spring and summer. Course offerings vary with each semester. Students can typically begin a degree or certificate program any semester.

Fall (16 weeks) August - December | Spring (16 weeks) January - May | Summer (4 or 8 weeks) June - July

Current distance dates and deadlines can always be found on our Distance Dates & Deadlines page.

You will receive a welcoming confirmation e-mail shortly after you enroll. This will provide information about your class, as well as other needed information. Please read this information carefully, we recommend that you print it and keep it for future reference.

Once your registration is confirmed you may find your book by doing an online search of your class through the Missouri S&T Bookstore. Distance students may call the bookstore to check availability and ask that books be shipped to them. We recommend always calling to place orders, sometimes the inventory online is not accurate and we don't want you to wait longer than necessary!

Missouri S&T Bookstore
Mark Gallardo, Manager
Havener Center
Rolla MO 65409
Phone: 573-341-4705
Toll Free: 1-866-535-3770
Fax: 573-341-4705
Email: gallardom@mst.edu


Sometimes classes won’t be listed on the S&T’s Bookstore site. This may be because the professor did not request anything (yet). It’s always a good idea to verify with your professor regarding textbooks and any other required materials.

As a distance student you may sit out 3 semesters and maintain your eligibility to register. Once past the 3 semesters, you will need to complete a Former Graduate Student Refresh Registration Eligibility Form.

If you sit out more than 3 semesters you will need to reapply to your program.


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