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FAQ about Distance Learning At Missouri S&T

Yes, Missouri University of Science and Technology was founded in 1870 as Missouri School of Mines (MSM), the first technological university west of the Mississippi. MSM later changed its name to University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR), and more recently to Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T) to better reflect its reputation as a technological university.

Since 1913, Missouri S&T has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. All of our undergraduate engineering programs and computer science programs are ABET accredited. The business program is AACSB accredited (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). S&T's Global Learning division has been delivering courses via distance education since 1974. We've been helping great students get a valuable education for a long, long time! For more information about S&T's accreditation, click here.

Global Learning’s Distance & Continuing Education (DCE) Department administers distance education and other professional development programs to meet the educational and professional development needs of adult learners globally. In today’s world many adult learners need post-secondary education and rely on distance education and training to meet their needs. Today's technology allows students to benefit from the expertise of S&T faculty without ever setting foot on the S&T campus. The benefit of distance education is that students can continue to work full time while attending school.

S&T offers more than 50 graduate certificate programs and 17 master's degree programs in engineering, science, and business. New graduate programs are added periodically.

No. Transcripts and diplomas for students taking distance learning courses are identical to those of on-campus students; no differentiation is made between distance and on-campus instruction. In addition, no indication of the delivery method of the course is made on the transcript or the diploma.

There are no residency requirements for our graduate certificates, ME, MS, or MBA programs. Most PhD and DE programs do have some type of residency requirement. Please check with your respective department for their exact requirement.

Most classes do not require live participation; however, live attendance is up to the individual instructors and should be confirmed with the academic department. All distance courses are recorded and archived for distance students to watch on their own schedule.

Some instructors may ask distance students to make a live presentation or participate live in a different way, but students will always know these expectations well in advance and will be able to plan accordingly. Our faculty understand most of our distance students work full time, have families and other responsibilities, and they're almost always willing to make reasonable accommodations.

It depends on the individual. Officially students are given 3 years to complete a graduate certificate and 6 years to complete their graduate degree program. (If a student starts a master’s program with a certificate the 6 year clock begins when they start the certificate). If extenuating circumstances occur a student can petition to have credits outside of the 6 year window be counted towards the degree.

Most of our students take 1-2 classes a semester. At this pace, they are typically able to complete their degree in 3-4 years.

Each professor handles his or her courses independently.  Some professors require a proctor; some will send you the exam with instructions and others will have projects instead of exams.

Distance Admission FAQ

Please go to dce.mst.edu/admissions for links and step-by-step directions.

If you have any questions/concerns about the online application process
Please call us at 573-341-6591 or email global@mst.edu.

Yes. Information about the admissions process, including a link to our online application may be found here.

Yes. Admission to S&T is required, but you can take classes as a non-degree-seeking (graduate or undergraduate) student. Non-degree seeking students don't qualify for financial aid. A student may take up to 2 courses as a non-degree seeking student.

Generally, it takes two to four weeks for an application to be processed once all required materials are received. We cannot process any application without at least having a copy of your transcript from our undergraduate program(s) (in addition to other application materials).

You will receive a letter by mail as well an e-mail to let you know that an admission decision has been made.

Although there are no set deadlines, apply early to ensure class selections.

  • Fall Semester - July
  • Spring Semester - December
  • Summer Session - May

Yes! Please check out the instructions and find links here.

A statement of purpose is a brief statement that summarizes why you wish to enroll and what you hope to get out of the academic program. Typically, they’re 2-3 paragraphs in length.

Yes. Departments will look at an applicant as a whole. Sometimes concerns about a low GPA can be offset by other strong application components.
You may wish to include a resume or letters of recommendation along with your application. Work-related experience and/or a strong recommendation from a current supervisor may also help your application.

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