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Program Description:

Interest in business intelligence has been a recent strong theme among employers of our graduate students and among our distance students. Medium and large-sized businesses are especially interested. In order to make appropriate decisions, upper-level administration of an organization needs to draw the data together from different systems in order to get a crisper picture of the status and performance of an organization and present it in helpful ways. Examples include the development of organizational scorecards, dashboards and other tools that provide a picture of how an organization is performing. People capable of creating and maintaining such information are needed, but the in-depth education necessary for these people is available in only a few places.

The graduate certificate in business intelligence focuses on the technologies that allow an organization to make effective business decisions based on operational data pulled together from many different sources inside an organization. The target audience consists of any individual who would manage any type of IT professionals, database administrators, business analysts, and any person who would need to understand the technologies behind the capabilities of those technologies.

A graduate level student may receive a graduate certificate in business intelligence from the information science and technology program within the business and information technology department at Missouri S&T by completing four courses.

The following two courses are required:

  • ERP 5410 Use of Business Intelligence - taught fall semester
  • IST/ERP 6444 Essentials of Data Warehouses - taught spring semester

The other two courses may be chosen from the following:

  • ERP 5110 ERP Systems Design and Implementation - taught fall and spring semester
  • ERP 5210 Performance Dashboard, Scorecard and Data Visualization - taught spring semester
  • ERP 6220 Data Modeling & Visualization Prototyping for Enterprise Decision Dashboards - taught fall semester
  • ERP 6610 Customer Relationship Management in ERP Environment - taught fall semester
  • IST 6443 Information Retrieval & Analysis - taught fall semester
  • IST 6445 Database Marketing - taught spring semester

Please check the Schedule of Classes for a current listing of the courses available for distance students.


Each course is 3 credit hours

Required Courses:

ERP 5410 Use of Business Intelligence
This course introduces data-oriented techniques for business intelligence. Topics include business intelligence architecture, business analytics, and enterprise reporting. SAP business information warehouse, BusinessObjects or similar tools will be used to access and present data, generate reports and perform analysis. Prerequisite: ERP 5110.

IST 6444/ERP 6444 Essentials of Data Warehouses
This course presents the topic of data warehouses and the value to the organization.  It takes the student from the database platform to structuring a data warehouse environment.  Focus is placed on simplicity and addressing the user community needs. Prerequisite: IST 3423 or equivalent relational database experience.

Elective Courses:
ERP 5110 ERP Systems Design & Implementation
This course provides a technical overview of enterprise resource planning systems and their impact on organizations. SAP’s ERP system is introduced to illustrate the concepts, fundamentals, framework, general information technology context, the technological infrastructure, and integration of business enterprise-wide applications. Prerequisites: IST 1750.

ERP 5210 Performance Dashboard, Scorecard and Data Visualization
This course will study different performance management systems including dashboards, management cockpit, scorecards, and strategy maps in an organization. SAP's BW, BusinessObjects Xcelsius, Crystal Records, Sybase Unwired Platform, or similar tools will be used to develop the applications. Prerequisites: ERP 2110 or preceded or accompanied by ERP 5110.

ERP 6220 Enterprise Performance Dashboard Prototyping
This course will study implementation and design practices for enterprise performance management systems with a focus on dashboards, balanced scorecard, and value based management. SAP's, Business Object Ecelsius, Crystal Reports, BW, or similar tools will be used for project implementation. Prerequisites: ERP 5110; ERP 6444 or IST 6444.

ERP 6610 Advanced Customer Relationship Management in ERP Environment
Identification (targeting), acquisition, retention, and development (expansion) of (profitable) customers.  It also covers effective and efficient management of customers with utilization of information technology.  The SAP CRM, SAS BI tools, and Sybase mobile application development are used. Research paper and presentation required. Prerequisite: ERP 2110 or preceded or accompanied by ERP 5110.

IST 6443 Information Retrieval & Analysis
Focus is on applied analysis of complex information networks in the form of web and text systems.  Topics include web system link analysis, text mining, consensus analysis, collaborative filtering, and recommender systems.  Uses interactive data analysis tools such as SAS. (Prerequisite: Database and Statistics Familiarity)

IST 6445 Database Marketing
Methods & concepts used in database marketing, such as 1) predictive modeling techniques (e.g., regression, decision trees, cluster analysis) and 2) standard processes for mapping business objectives to data mining goals to produce a deployable marketing model.  Covers metrics like lifetime value of a customer and ROI; several application areas. (Prerequisite: Statistic understanding, programming understanding, familiarity with spreadsheets)

 *Curriculum is subject to change. Please contact the department for up-to-date information on courses. Other courses approved by the department may be substituted for any of the above listed courses on a case-by-case basis. The administrative coordinators must approve the substitution prior to enrolling in the course.

The business intelligence certificate program is open to all individuals who hold a bachelor's, master's or PhD degree and who have a minimum of 12 months of post-BS professional employment experience. You must complete the certificate program with a grade of "B" or better (3.0 GPA) in each of the certificate courses, and then may be admitted to the MBA program in business administration or the MS program in information science & technology. The normal application process will be followed, but the minimum undergraduate GPA and GRE score requirement will be waived. Normal course prerequisites still apply.

Students applying for a business project management graduate certificate will need the following:

Complete the Online Application. When you start your application select "Graduate Online/Distance" and then select which certificate you are applying for. Don't forget to list your current employer and company location on the application.

More Details

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

Effective July 1, 2011, the Department of Education requires that all certificate programs must disclose particular Gainful Employment information to current and prospective students. The information that is provided in the disclosure includes the estimated cost of the certificate program as well as on-time graduation and job placement rates for this particular certificate program. The disclosure information is based on data from the 2016-17 school year (defined as the period between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017)


Graduate certificates were designed as a gateway to a master’s degree. If a student earns a B or better in each certificate course they may continue for the graduate degree (in the corresponding department), without needing to submit GRE/GMAT scores, or letters of recommendation*. A student does not need to continue on for the graduate degree, however most do. Business Intelligence Graduate Certificate is designed for working professionals who have real life work experience and may not have time to take the GRE/GMAT. Admission requirements for the graduate certificate program are also more relaxed than the graduate degree. This graduate certificate may act as a gateway to the following master’s programs:

Business Administration (MBA)
Information Science and Technology (MS)

(Applicants must indicate which program they wish to use the certificate as a gateway for when initially applying for the certificate).

*Completion of a graduate certificate program does not automatically guarantee admission into a corresponding graduate degree program. To continue in a master’s degree program, you must apply. Click here for details and check with academic department for program specific details and requirements.

Students usually also consider the following related certificates.

ERP Graduate Certificate 

SAP Certificate of Excellence

Classes are offered over the internet via live-streaming video. There will be a PowerPoint presentation available on the Internet to enhance the class lecture so that you can view the PowerPoint slides and watch the video simultaneously. Tests and reports are arranged by the course instructor. If you view the video online in real time, a technician can help resolve any communication problems, and when you need to ask a lecture-related question, you can call the instructor.

Collaborative learning software includes WebEx and Blackboard; classes are archived online for review and easy access. If you view the lecture video offline, you can communicate with the instructor through email.


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