Electromagnetic Compatibility & Signal Integrity

Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Signal Integrity (SI) courses provide engineering professionals with a number of professional development opportunities. EMC and SI courses can be taken individually, or combined to complete an EMC Certificate Program.

To obtain the EMC Certificate you must successfully complete two of the following individual courses which provides video instruction on DVDs that you can view at your own pace. Final exams are required to receive a certificate of completion.

  • EMC Principles 3rd Edition
  • Grounding & Shielding + Circuit Board Layout
  • Signal Integrity for High-Speed Digital Design
  • Computational Electromagnetics

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There is also the option to train your company team through the following live/on-site instructional courses.

  • Grounding & Shielding of Electronic Systems
  • Circuit Board Layout to Reduce Noise Emission & Susceptibility

Missouri S&T will work with you and your company to provide the education you need. 

Individual Courses

EMC Principles 3rd Edition 
by Dr. Daryl Beetner (17 lectures)
This course teaches the fundamentals of EMC. Topics range from regulations to intelligent layout of printed circuit boards.


Grounding & Shielding +
Circuit Board Layout
by Dr. Tom Van Doren (20 lectures)
This course introduces you to fundamental grounding and shielding principles and demonstrates techniques for identifying and fixing electrical noise problems.


Individual Courses

Signal Integrity for High-Speed
Digital Design
by Dr. Jun Fan (40 lectures)
This course introduces fundamental signal integrity concepts and teaches basic skills for design and analysis of high-speed digital products and provides examples of real-world application.


Computational Electromagnetics
for EMC & SI
by Dr. Jun Fan (52 lectures)
This course covers the fundamentals of computational electromagnetics, and demonstrates real-world application in EMC and signal integrity.


Live/On-Site Courses

Grounding & Shielding of
Electronic Systems
by Dr. Tom Van Doren (2 day presentation)
How to diagnose and solve electromagnetic interference and signal integrity problems.


Circuit Board Layout to Reduce Noise 
Emission & Susceptibility
by Dr. Tom Van Doren (1 day presentation)
Causes of circuit board EMC and SI problems and how to fix them.



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