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Distance learning is charged by credit hour. Current tuition rates are posted here. Please note: all distance programs cost the same, except for Systems Engineering, which is billed at a higher rate.

Your student bill will be broken down to two parts: “Instructional Fee Distance” and “Distance Technology Service”. The two fees added together will equal the amount we have posted here.

Distance tuition is billed at the same rate regardless of undergraduate or graduate status.

Distance tuition is billed at the same rate regardless of residency.

Yes, please refer to the Military Rate on the Tuition Schedule page.

Not at this time.

Yes! As long as you have been admitted to a graduate certificate or degree program, and are enrolled in at least 4 credit hours (units) at S&T, you're eligible to apply for financial aid. S&T's Student Financial Assistance Office can guide you through information for the federal Stafford loan. You will need to submit a FAFSA. For more information, please call 1-800-522-0938 or 573-341-4282, or e-mail SFA@mst.edu.

Yes. Certificate students are just as eligible for financial aid as any other graduate student. Again, please keep in mind: graduate students need to be enrolled in at least 4 credit hours to be eligible for aid! 

Once you have enrolled, you will receive instructions, sent to your S&T email address, on how to access your eBill. You can pay online through Joe'SS (here's a step-by-step tutorial), or you can contact the Cashier's Office to arrange payment.

Please note: paying online through Joe'SS with an echeck will help you avoid a 2.75% service fee you would be charged if paying with credit card. To pay with echeck have your bank account number and routing number available.

Yes. Distance students employed by a company that reimburses students for at least 50% of their tuition are eligible for our Deferred Tuition Program. Distance students must submit a new application and $25 application fee each semester they would like to participate in the program. Please visit our Deferred Tuition page for additional information about this program.

There may be a hold on your account for a different reason. Here is a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to check what holds are on your account. If you verify that the only hold on your account is because of your previous balance you may need to email the cashier’s office- sometimes holds aren’t automatically removed when your balance is paid, and may need to be manually removed.

A distance student may receive a 100% refund provided class is dropped within the first 3 weeks of the fall or spring (16 weeks) semester, the first two weeks of an 8 week summer semester or first week of a 4 week summer semester.  After that date, there will be no refund.

Distance dates and deadlines (including last day to drop with 100% refund) are posted here.

No. Books and other course materials are not included in our tuition rates. Books and materials vary by course. Contact your professor to find out what books or other materials you may need to purchase.

Bills are invoiced around the 4th week of the month (around the 25th) after you enroll in classes. Bills are always due the 15th of the following month. The cashier’s website shows when the current billing statement was updated and when the next bill is due.


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