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Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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Industrial-Organizational Psychology is the fastest growing occupation with a predicted growth rate of 53% by 2022 (Occupational Outlook, Labor Statistics). This career field is in high demand. Read more about I-O Psychology at: ABC News - 20 Fastest Growing Occupations.

The Missouri University of Science and Technology Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology emphasizes the application of psychological science to enhance the performance and well-being of people in organizations. S&T I-O psychologists will be well prepared to develop assessments of people for selection and placement into jobs, effective training programs, strategies for organizational development, measurement of performance, and ways to promote quality of work-life.  S&T students will receive a strong core foundation in industrial and organizational psychology as well as statistics and research methods.

Our program develops individuals who can manage human resources within technological environments, understand human factors relevant to these technologies, and apply research and scientific methods necessary to implement new technologies users will accept.  Graduates of the S&T program will be prepared to thrive and make immediate impacts in a variety of corporate and organizational environments.

Students may select a thesis option (a good choice for students seeking a research-intensive career) or a non-thesis path in one of three tracks:

  • Leadership in technical organizations: learn leadership theories and how to apply them to improve organizational effectiveness. 
  • Psychometrics: help develop psychological tests and measurement tools to improve employee selection, training, and performance
  • Human Factors: design environments to meet employees' capabilities and limitations by studying how they work

This degree is available both on campus and online. Please check the Schedule of Classes for a current list of available courses for distance students.



Previous coursework should include:

  • General psychology
  • Statistics
  • Research methods

Three of the following six courses prior to entering the program.

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Personality Theory
  • Abnormal Psychology

Students wishing to complete the Psychometrics emphasis should have taken a basic course in probability and statistics. In addition they should have a strong algebra and basic calculus background.  Familiarity with matrices and vectors would be beneficial.

*Students not meeting these requirements may be considered for admission, but will be expected to complete this requirement at Missouri S&T during the course of their graduate studies.  Completing this requirement does not count toward the 36 hour M.S. degree requirement.

When applying, specify a non-thesis track if not pursuing the thesis option.

Learn more about the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Inc. 

Advising Undergraduates for Graduate School in I-O Psychology & Human Factors©  (a trifold brochure by Shoenfelt, E. L., Kottke, J., & Stone, N. J.)

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Courses are delivered over the Internet, via live streaming video; collaborative learning software includes WebEx and Blackboard; classes are archived online for review and easy access.

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