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Master of Science in Engineering Management

Program Description:
Engineering Management focuses on the convergence of engineering, management and technology in high technology environments. There is a growing need for engineers who can see the big picture, effectively interact and communicate with people, appreciate the business ramifications of decisions, thrive on ambiguity, effectively work in teams, and apply critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems.

Missouri University of Science and Technology’s engineering management program develops leaders who have these skills and are comfortable with the language and methods of engineering, business and technology. Through the Engineering Management Graduate Degree, students take courses in the foundation areas of engineering management.

MS&T Doctorate Degrees:
Missouri S&T’s PhDs and DEs are availble on a case-by-case basis. Interested students should contact the coresponding academic department for details.

Core Courses:
EMGT 5111 Management for Engineers and Scientists
EMGT 5412 Operations Management Science
EMGT 6211 Advanced Financial Management
EMGT 5320 Project Management

In addition, students take four courses in an area of specialization and two elective courses. Specialization tracks include financial engineering, industrial engineering, management of technology, manufacturing systems, project management, and quality engineering.

A total of 30 credit hours of coursework is required to complete this degree. Graduates of our programs are in high demand and many employers provide education benefits to working engineers who are pursuing this degree. Please check the semester wise Schedule of Classes for a current listing of the courses available for distance students.

  • Bachelor’s in engineering, math, or physical science
  • Cumulative GPA ≥ 3.0 (GPA ≥ 3.5 for PhD); GRE (test taken on or after August, 2011): V≥155, Q≥148, A≥4.0; -or- (if taken prior to August, 2011): V+Q>1100, A ≥ 4.0. International requirement: TOEFL ≥ 580/237/92.

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Graduate Certificates
Graduate certificate programs are a great way to start earning college credit toward a graduate degree. The GRE is not required to enter a certificate program. If you complete a certificate program with a grade of B or better in all core courses, you may be accepted into the corresponding master's degree program without taking the GRE.

Engineering Management Graduate Certificate Programs





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