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Graduate Certificate Program

Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering
(Geological & Petroleum Engineering; Geology & Geophysics)

Program Description:
This certificate program is designed to provide formalized engineering education to practitioners in geology, geological engineering, mining engineering and geotechnical engineering.

One of the following courses (or equivalents) is required prior to admittance into the program.

  • GEO ENG 1150 Geology for Engineers or GEO ENG 1050 Physical Geology
  • MIN ENG 4823 Rock Mechanics I or CIV ENG 3715 Elementary Soil Mechanics

The student must take the following 300-level courses:

  • GEO ENG 5441 Engineering Geology and Geotechnics
  • GEO ENG 5471 Rock Engineering
  • GEO ENG 5381 Intermediate Subsurface Hydrology And Contaminant Transport Mechs
  • CIV ENG 5715 Intermediate Soil Mechanics or MIN ENG 6842 Rock Mechanics II

* Curriculum is subject to change. Other courses approved by the program coordinator may be substituted for any of the above listed courses on a case-by-case basis.

Students who successfully complete the certificate program will automatically be admitted to the master of engineering in Geotechnics. The certificate courses will be counted toward the ME degree and no GRE score will be required for admission.

Admissions Requirements:
Admission requirements to the certificate program include an undergraduate degree (B.S. or equivalent), and the necessary prerequisites to the required courses (Prerequisites may be waived on a case-by-case basis by the course instructors). A GRE score is not required for admittance into the certificate program.

The student must have an average cumulative grade of 3.0 (B-grade) or better in the four certificate courses, and complete the requirements in three years or less to obtain their certificate.

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure
Effective July 1, 2011, the Department of Education requires that all certificate programs must disclose particular Gainful Employment information to current and prospective students. The information that is provided in the disclosure includes the estimated cost of the certificate program as well as on-time graduation and job placement rates for this particular certificate program. The disclosure information is based on data from the 2010-11 school year (defined as the period between July 1, 2010, and June 30, 2011)

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Why a Graduate Certificate?

Graduate certificate programs
are a great way to start earning
college credit toward a graduate degree.

Relaxed admission requirements
GRE is not required.

Focused knowledge areas.

Four core courses required
(only 12 credit hours)*

Cumulative GPA of 3.0, or better, required to receive certificate

Provides entry into graduate
degree program and waives
GRE requirement.

*Mining Engineering certificate requires five courses

Completion of a certificate program does not automatically guarantee admission into a corresponding graduate degree program.Check with department for program specific details and requirements.

Contact Information

Dr. Norbert H. Maerz
Rock Mechanics
Missouri University of
Science and Technology
214 A Rock Mechanics
1006 Kingshighway
Rolla, MO 65409-0660
Phone: 573-341-6714

Vicki Gibbons
Manager of Graduate
Student Services
Global Learning
Missouri University of
Science and Technology
216 Centennial Hall
Rolla, MO 65409-1560
Phone: 573-341-4892
Toll Free: 1-877-678-1870
Fax: 573-202-2396

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